Designers Into Death Stars with Angular 2

This is an interesting video a buddy of mine hipped me too. It is great watching this because I feel like it validates my decision to focus on contributing more in development and closing the gap between development in design I see often.

Also, Angular Material is the truth, check it out if you have not already.

SASS BG Swagger

SASS is probably my favorite CSS extension, especially since they began using SCSS which is valid CSS3 style sheets. There are many great ways to use SASS, but I probably use the code snippet below on every website/web application I develop:

The code above is a @mixin that you can @include on any element and define its background color or gradient using variables. It really helps decrease the drudgery of rewriting complicated code blocks to account for all the browsers. Hope this helps, below is and example of how you would implement:

Paper Wireframe to Mocks

Here’s an example of a very quick and dirty sketch of a homepage produced during a clients feedback session. This loose wireframe set the basis of the responsive website mocks I presented next day. Sometimes I feel we designers can get lost in all the available technologies and tools, when a simple pencil and paper will suffice. All in all the client was happy with the design and even happier with the quick turn around… even though I felt there were many areas I could have improved. But it is always advantageous to deliver early and get feedback.

Umbrella Plumbing Logo

During the last couple of months I have been helping a friend and business owner of mine rebrand his company. Here’s a glimpse into some of the highlights of the logo creation process. I hope to go back and post some of my older projects because it is always interesting to look back and examine/refine my design process.

Soon I hope to help him update his static website into a user-centered, responsive web experience. PAPOW!!