Applied Project App Ver. 4

This is the fourth iteration of my ASU applied project. At this point I was able to figure out how to use each swatches location as its RGB color. At this point I will need to figure out how to save on processing time and how to plot exact coordinates for the swatches.


Click HERE to see this in action!

ASU Applied Project: Refined Comp and Testing

Here’s is a update to the interactive application portion of my ASU applied project. I’ve code named it RGB123, because I’m a nerd lol.

First Test:  – the purpose of this test was to get something on a website to use the WebGL and  Canvas.

Second Test: – this tests goal was to make some dynamic 3D planes randomly on screen and make a simple camera movement that could be used in further testing.

Third Test/Comp : – this test dealt with the randomization of colors and began adding UI elements from the designed comps. All elements utilized responsive design.

So far so good, I am really enjoying Three JS and will finalize the design while adding actual functionality to the next phase of iterations.